The Bird Lane Interpretive Trail begins behind the main Environmental Center building. The trailhead is about 50 meters down the main path leading toward the Passaic River. On the left of the path you will see the sign for Bird Lane, just follow the Blue blazes that are painted on the trees.

Each of the Interpretive Trail stations is marked with a sign post with a Blue painted number, each one is the letter B followed by the station number.

Each post has a QR code posted on the top of the post. When you scan that code on a smartphone or mobile connected tablet you will get the trail guide for that bird on your device.

You can also use the bird silhouette under the bird picture on each on-line page to get to the next station.


To begin the trail just click on the silhouette below that will take you to station 1.

Enjoy the walk.

          Click Here for Bird Number 1