Camp Glen Gray
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The Camp Orienteering program consists of a series of 20 Orienteering Controls spread across the entire Camp area. The Controls are arranged into a series of Orienteering Courses. The Courses vary from starter courses for someone's first try at Orienteering to an Expert Course using all 20 controls and likely requiring you to hike over 6 miles to complete the course.

There is also an opportunity to run the Camp Orienteering program as a series of Virtual Geo-Caches

Be aware that the Controls are numbered at random, for example Control 11 and Control 13 are over 2 miles apart. All the Controls are well spread across the hills and valleys of Camp, the highest and lowest Controls are separated by over 300 feet of elevation.

Full information and topographical course maps are available in the Camp HQs.

Direct links to the information for each control are behind the numbers below.

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