We want the program to be fun for the Campmaster Corps as well as our campers.

As a Campmaster there are two activities you will be involved with to make this program work.


you will manage the Campfire Ash Containers located on the shelf behind the HQs desk or if you wish they may be put out in a public space to allow self service for campers bringing their Heritage Containers with them to Camp.


you have the opportunity to run a Centennial Campfire on your weekend for the campers in camp.

It is up to you to run the campfire or not as you see fit for your specific weekend. An option you have is to have a Scoutmaster or other group adult leader with a camping group run it for you, let them do the songs, skits etc. This will just leave you to empty the Heritage Collection container on the fire and make a couple of remarks about the history of Camp. Then before you go home on Sunday, please refill the Centennial Ash Container for future campers.