FAQs for the Centennial Campfire program at Camp Glen Gray

+ What is the between a Centennial Campfire and a Heritage Campfire?

The Centennial Campfire refers to a Campfire held in the Old Guard Campfire Ring at Camp. A Heritage Campfire is one of the many Campfires held at other locations that include ashes from Camp.

+ Why can't I just put my Heritage ashes in the Old Guard Campfire Ring myself?

We ask that you use the Centennial Collection Canister to participate in a Campfire here in Camp. This will allow you to refill you Heritage Ash Container so you can continue to participate in the program. Also there might not be a Centennial Campfire scheduled when you bring your ashes to Camp, by using the Collection Canister you will be sure they are put on an actual burning Campfire, not just spread on the Campfire Ring. Use of the Collection container will also allow us to gather statistics about how many campfires you have had since your last visit to Camp. Be sure to note your campfire tally on the Collection Canister when you deposit them.

+ How can I get a Heritage Ash Container?

There are Heritage Ash Containers available at the Camp HQs.

+ What are you going to do with the information collected when a Campfire is registered?

We will use it to explain just what the Centennial Campfire project is accomplishing in terms of building the Camp community. We will try various ways of showing statistics and location information to portray our community. One thing we will not do is distribute any personal information to any non-Camp organizations. This includes dates and times as well as contact information.

+ What is 'What 3 Words'?

This is a new geolocator system that has assigned three words to every 3 meter square on the earth. They make no sense, some are cute, but in any case they are a lot easier to write down and get right again than traditional latitude/longitude locators. The bulk of the Tulip Leaf Fire Pit in the center of the Old Guard Campfire Ring at Camp is identified as:


Click on it to go to their map, as previously noted they make no sense, but that is what it is. Actually a lot of interesting ideas in the technology, further information is available here on their website.


+ What if my question isn't here?

Please contact us using the contact form at Contact Us